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What are the ways of warehouse picking? Four major ways to p

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Artificial seed picking
Pick up the order once per order.
1, the operation method is simple; Short delay time; The responsibility of the picker is clear and easy to assess.
2, after picking up goods do not have to do classification operations. It is a more traditional way of picking goods, which is suitable for picking goods for large quantities of orders.
When there are more goods, the route of picking goods is longer and the efficiency of picking goods is reduced; When the picking area is large, it is difficult to move.
Collection DPS picking
Select each order by electronic label system.
Differences from manual picking:
In the process of DPS picking, the information is paperless. The picker only selects the goods according to the information indicated by the electronic label system.
This method is more accurate and faster, reducing the labor intensity of the sorting staff.
Artificial picking
The collection of multiple orders in a certain period of time into a batch of goods according to the type of goods, all of which are manually selected by the goods, and then the process of sorting according to each customer's order.
When the number of orders is large, this selection method can significantly improve the efficiency of work, shorten the distance to walk when selecting goods, and increase the number of selections per unit time.
The disadvantage of this method is that it can not be operated on a single order. It must wait for the order to accumulate a certain number before it can be uniformly processed. There is a certain delay in order processing.
Seeding DAS picking
DAS seed picking also relies on an electronic label system to select goods based on information prompted by the electronic label system.
Differences from DPS picking:
1, DPS picking goods is based on each order to pick goods, and DAS sowing type picking goods is based on the type of goods.
2, DPS after picking up goods do not need to carry out distribution, DAS after picking up goods need to be based on each order for distribution
3, the picking electronic label system corresponds to the cargo position, and the sowing electronic label corresponds to the customer or store.
Overseas warehouse one key on behalf of the picking scheme
Easy access overseas warehouse system has automatic order management function, the system automatically captures orders from multiple platforms, order information synchronization in real time, so as to achieve a key generation function.
That is, after the cross-border seller receives the customer purchase list, it selects the list of warehouses in the overseas warehouse system. Overseas staff members can arrange the delivery of shipments simultaneously according to the system inventory list, and realize the "one-click delivery".