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What do you know about the meaning of the pig's ear?

Time:2018-07-14 / Popularity:

In view of the current state's efforts to promote pig breeding information management and pork traceability management. The pig ear label is the front-end individual in the whole management system. The best recording and collecting means of pig breeding information will be adopted in large scale. The state can track and monitor the whole process of animals from birth, slaughter, sale, consumer to consumer end through the identification function of electronic ear tags.
Benefit the control of animal disease
Electronic ear marks can be used to manage the ear number of each animal with its variety, source, production performance, immune status, health status, animal owner and other information. Once the epidemic situation and the quality of animal products are occurring, it can track (trace) its source, distinguish responsibility and clog the leaky hole, so as to realize the scientific and systematic animal husbandry. To improve the management level of animal husbandry.
Good for safety production
Electronic ear marking is an excellent tool for identifying and managing a large number of livestock with a clear recognition and detailed management. Through electronic ear marking, the aquaculture enterprises can find hidden dangers in time and take appropriate control measures to ensure safe production.
Improve the management level of farm farm
In the management of livestock and poultry, the identification of animal individuals (pigs) is realized by an easy to manage ear mark. By assigning a unique coded ear mark for each animal (pig), the unique identification of the individual is realized. The ear mark of the pig farm is used to record the number of the farm, the number of the pig house, the individual number of the pig and so on. In the pig breeding farm, after the pig was labeled as the sole label for each pig, the hand-held machine was used to read and write the pig's individual management, immune management, disease management, death management, weighing management, medication management, column record and other daily information management.
The safety regulation of national animal products
The electronic ear mark of a pig is carried for life. Through this electronic code, it can be traced back to the pig's production, purchasing, slaughterhouse, and pork sales flow. If it is sold to the cooked food vendors, it will also have a record. This identification function is beneficial to the sale of sick and sick pork. A series of participants monitored the safety of domestic livestock products to ensure that people ate healthy pork.