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New rules for the driver's license exam? You need a handheld

Time:2018-07-10 / Popularity:

This application is aimed at adding new face recognition functions in the school bus training stage, or is the two generation of common identification technology in the current identification application. According to the requirements of the new regulation, at least these two functions should be available before the system can be tested. At the same time, in the training of students, the coach can take a card to sign in, take a picture of the system, and then take a time with the college again to avoid some card timing.
In the training process, the trainees and coaches should be snapped every ten minutes, and information feedback to the backstage will be taken as a record.
Compared with the previous driving test, I believe every small partner has a deep understanding: at this stage, management has become more and more standardized and rigorous. Although we may have received some obstruction, it has greatly protected our future driving safety. Handheld terminal RFID handset, as an important force of artificial intelligence, has become the core of the Internet application in the times, and is also the future of continuous process reform and planning.