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What are the effects of two-dimensional code anti-counterfei

Time:2018-07-06 / Popularity:

1. to the market response fast, the product precision recall
As an example, once the product presents problems, after the product tracing system, it can accurately find out which link has the goods, who are all clear, and can quickly trace back and recall the disposal of the product.
2. traceability to every link, the whole process of logistics tracking, anti fleeing goods
The traceability system gives each product a single code, and the product must be scanned in the warehouse. At present, which area is flowing, which person holds the transport management, how long the process needs to flow through the process.
3. connection wholesale terminal consumers and scan traceability
When the user buys, it can direct the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeit query on the WeChat scavenging product package. It can also trace the details of the product, including the details from consumption, packaging, warehousing and distributor. This information is transparent, which is more conducive to the trust of consumers, and the user is 100% confidence in your product. It's true.
4. get interactive marketing big data to guide enterprise operation
Through the collection and production of enterprise consumption, circulation terminal and consumer data, stop the depth exploration and the analysis of each dimension, make it produce new application value, and help to adjust and optimize the consumption and marketing decisions. Assist brands and enterprises to identify opportunities such as new customers, new markets, new laws and so on.
We are engaged in anti-counterfeiting, anti cargo and product tracing. Based on the deep understanding of the quality tracing needs of enterprises, the technology of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting, RFID electronic label, programmable controller and so on is used, and the product tracking management is driven to assist enterprises to complete the elimination of material processing, product mix, product consumption, packaging, storage and so on. The management of the whole process. Anti-counterfeit companies can also provide the customization and implementation of various processing plans, such as the transformation of the consumer line, the online coding, the integration of anti-counterfeit packaging, and the development of the micro business distribution system, the integral commercial city and the management of the anti disorder price.