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NFC is destined to be the future trend, so convenient functi

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Now a lot of mobile phones have added NFC functions, such as millet, 6, IPhone X and so on, all with this function, and millet is a loyal promoter of NFC, even the latest millet 3 is added with the NFC function. However, for the NFC function, many friends may just stay in the "bus card", but in fact, the function of NFC is very powerful, in addition to the point to point communication mode, there is a perfect reading and writing function, if the NFC label, the mobile phone will become more manipulative.
The first to start the extensive application of NFC is in Britain. The most widely used is the construction of urban information, which may be a little blurred. Here, let me take an example: if you enter a museum, just use your mobile phone a little closer to the NFC reading and writing area of the exhibits, all the information about the exhibits will appear on your cell phone.
And in Europe and other places, some of the more class coffee shops are through the NFC function to provide free WIFI services, like our domestic, even if there is a free WIFI, also have to scan the code and then pay attention to a lot of business and other troublesome operations, and they only need a gentle spray.
Then it can be easily done by NFC, such as the gate card simulation, the planning of a trip route, and the provision of life information.
In the near future, the future should be foreseeable: NFC functions all over the way, driving on the NFC analog card, when the car touches the fixed position, automatically opens the driving mode; in the meal, with the NFC point meal, the mobile phone touch, the lightning payment to go... Do you expect?