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California starts electronic license plate pilot service to

Time:2018-06-08 / Popularity:

California electronic license plate pilot service. Drivers can buy and install the "electronic license plate". It is understood that the electronic license plate technology uses the E Ink screen technology, which is used by Amazon Kindle and other wearable devices. But it takes a lot of cost to install the electronic license plate.
According to the The Sacramento Bee, dealers can sell electronic plates at a price of 699 US dollars. According to the Sacramento Bee newspaper, However, the price does not include installation fee, service fee of $7 per month, and the actual cost of new car registration. Consumers who buy electronic license plates can register new cars online without having to register with the vehicle management office in person. Annual registration can also be done online and electronically, so there is no need to paste annual check labels.
When the car is in a state of parking, the owner of the electronic license plate can also choose to display custom information, brand marketing advertising, road closures and other information. Of course, the license plate number will be displayed, but the characters will be smaller and be reduced to the lower right corner.
The built-in tracker can provide geo protection for the car. If the car is stolen, the electronic license plate can also help the owner and the police track the car. Owners can also track or upload travel information, including time, distance, route and so on. If you need to sell the car, then the system can quickly transfer the electronic license plate.
Of course, the cost of such services as geographical protection, tracking and travel uploads is not so high. Universal OnStar services can track stolen cars, but also have more services. In addition, the plug-ins connected to the car's OBD II interface can also detect driving parameters, such as location, fuel efficiency, acceleration, and braking, and it is not a new technology to use the window as a digital display.
Of course, the electronic license plate is still an optional service, which does not mean that the future electronic license plate will be universal. In fact, by 2020, the California traffic administration will issue only about 175 thousand of the total number of electronic vehicles registered in the state by 1%. In addition, Sacramento also installed an electronic license plate to test 24 municipal buses to investigate the practicality and convenience of the real world of electronic license plates. In addition, the municipal government is negotiating with the labour department to ensure that the labour department will not use the technology to track its employees.