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The unmanned shop boom has swept the chip explosion of 3D de

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The global unmanned smart store boom is in the ascendant, following the opening of the Amazon Go unmanned store by Amazon, and WAL-MART (Walmart) starting Project Kepler of the unmanned store technology research and development program, Jingdong mall announced that more than 100 unmanned smart stores will be set up at home, and unmanned stores, such as Alibaba and other Internet companies, are set off unmanned stores. The speed of expansion of the global unmanned store strongholds has been markedly accelerated. IC designers point out that unmanned stores cover large data, face identification and artificial intelligence applications. With the use of unmanned stores, the demand for chip orders has sprung up quickly.
Amazon, located in Seattle's Amazon Go unmanned store in January, launched its debut in the market. The market has announced that Amazon is planning to open 6 more unmanned stores. Amazon has built a shopping environment for unmanned smart stores through computer vision, machine learning and powerful hardware and software integration, and the future of unmanned store technology can be widely used in retail stores. Restaurants, restaurants or commuter transfer stations.
WAL-MART has announced that it will set up an unmanned store technology research and Development Office in Dallas, which includes machine learning, computer vision and the Internet of things. In the near future, WAL-MART has launched the Project Kepler program to develop a computer vision unmanned store and not allow the Amazon Amazon Go unmanned store to be in the front. .
Jingdong is also planning to set up more than a hundred unmanned smart stores in the country, and has taken the lead in testing at the Jingdong headquarters in Beijing, unmanned stores developed by the Jingdong Logistics Innovation Laboratory JDX, integrated with RF ID, face identification and image identification technology. It is possible to authorize co - operators and provide logistics support.
IC designers say that at present, unmanned smart stores are designed by installing a large number of lenses in a store, using 3D lenses for depth detection, face identification and detection of goods movement, and identifying consumer purchases through product labels.
The application technology of unmanned intelligent store includes 3D detection chip, face identification chip, electronic label IC, wireless / wired network chip, analog IC and MCU chip, among which the highest unit price is 3D detection chip solution, and the most used chip is the electronic label IC. IC designer Yu Chuang and Jinghong have the earliest layout action, and have shipped them to Amason.
At present, the new unmanned smart store design, more similar solutions, IC design company related chip orders emerge, since the second quarter of the related chip shipments are expected to go high. IC design company points out that although the concept of unmanned stores is still restrictive, innovative applications and practices have the potential to extend to other physical stores.
With the emergence of business opportunities in unmanned stores, customer orders have continued to increase, not only the visibility of orders has reached the third quarter, because the higher interest rate of the related chip hair, the performance of chip operators has been significantly increased. In the short term, unmanned stores from the domestic market have the strongest kinetic energy for the growth of chip orders, almost showing a doubling trend, showing that the expansion of unmanned stores in China is beyond expectation.
The industry believes that the implementation of unmanned smart stores in the domestic market can not only save labor costs, but also avoid unnecessary external costs. The industry is quite optimistic about the booming prospect of the unmanned store market in China. Because of the related chip solutions and applications, there will be continuous upgrading and integration requirements for the already preemptive card position. Jinghong and Yu Chuang, as well as the original phase of related technology, Weisheng, Rui Yu, Jie Jie and Tianyu, are expected to be the new blue ocean market.