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Ma Yun: in the future pay treasure consumption do not need t

Time:2018-08-28 / Popularity:

This is another reform of Alipay. Although it seems to us that the current sweeping code payment is already very strong, but compared with the brush face payment, there are still some gaps.
First of all, mobile phones are important for traditional code cleaning payments. Once the mobile phone has no power or no Internet, or even forget the case of the mobile phone, the code sweep payment can not be used, and the brush face payment can completely solve this drawback. The convenience of brushing your face is that you only need to provide your face, and you may be able to complete all the cleaning payments in less than one second.
Second, it's safer to brush your face than to sweep the code. Why? Depending on how each person looks, the system will draw your own 3D image. After the consumption, when the system recognizes you, it will automatically complete the deduction. According to relevant sources, Alipay's face recognition success rate can reach 99.9 %.
Finally, face payments also benefit businesses. The traditional sweep code payment needs the merchant to post the two-dimensional code, and this precisely allows some lawbreakers to drill the gap, use the merchant busy no time to read the transfer information, simply switch the two-dimensional code, enjoy "lying down to make money" fun. Face recognition is different. There is no need to worry about hard work. Qianhui runs into other people's pockets.
In fact, Alipay's announcement of face payments is nothing new. As early as 3.15 in 2015, Ma Yun demonstrated face sweeping technology to the country's general manager in Germany and purchased a 1948 Hanover commemorative stamp for guests on Taobao.
It will take another year for new features to be so convenient and secure that they can be widely used throughout the country. Do you look forward to the payment of the brush face?