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The original veterinary drug implementation of two-dimension

Time:2018-07-12 / Popularity:

 In January 21, 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture issued a Bulletin No. 2210th, requiring the veterinary drug products to be sold in the market of our country. The veterinary drug production enterprise should print the unified veterinary drug two-dimensional code mark on the minimum sales packaging unit of the product according to the stipulated time, and upload the product and the information to the national veterinary drug products before the product is sold on the market. Traceability system.
The announcement also stipulates that since July 1, 2016, veterinary drugs that do not use the unified two-dimensional code of veterinary drugs and the information not uploading product information will not be listed for sale.
After decades of development, the role played by the identification industry of the Internet of things is becoming more and more important in the current social system. From the original product "three phase code" to the product "ID card (digital code, electronic regulatory code, two-dimensional code, RFID)", the product information identification has gradually been paid attention to and understood by the consumer market.
In addition to the product identification, in addition to the necessary identification equipment hardware facilities and reliable software system integration, it is necessary to strengthen the understanding and application of the "closed loop" of product identification. The production enterprise not only realizes that the use of more mature signs means the value-added of the product and the more market opportunities, but also the product mark. Understanding the concept of "closed loop" will, to a certain extent, avoid the losses caused by the code problem to the enterprise and a series of troubles.
Based on the current market environment, the problem of product spare parts batch has occurred in all industries. Perhaps this kind of problem can not be completely eliminated at present. At present, many manufacturers have their own identity cards with different spray codes on the important parts of the products. Once the quality problems are found, the products can be "chased to the end" immediately.
For packaging industry, it is a good way to detect the missing code, no code and fuzzy code effectively through related equipment.
After many technical innovations, the current spurting code equipment can basically meet the market requirement of high speed coding. To further satisfy consumer demand and ensure that each product has a code, many industry leaders have studied how to ensure that each product is fully coded and readable.