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Let's free your hands together!

Time:2018-06-28 / Popularity:

Some time ago, a walking box with people was blasting the shaking platform. In video, people just need to press a key and the trunk can track the owner's automatic walk. It's really enviable. In fact, with the continuous development of high technology, more and more products of this kind appear in people's sight. It's great to liberate the driverless cars and to solve the daily trivia, such as making coffee, folding quilts, wearing shoes, and cooperating children to sleep. In the era of full automation, "emancipating the hands" has become a major development theme and direction, and its core is to save more private precious time for everyone and provide a better way of life.
A single chip is needed to emancipate your hands and return home
With the liberation of the hands of the God of science and technology projects, its hands free technology, the use of identity card system, this card is equivalent to the owner's identity card. Through Bluetooth induction door control, garage automatic gate, home elevator, together constitute the "liberation of hands" intelligent home design. The owner can put the emancipated RFID card in his pocket or handbag, then he can automatically call the stairs and send the owner to the door. At the same time, this card can be connected intelligently with the parking management / entrance guard / intelligent channel / online patrol. When the owner's distance to the unit door is about 1-3 meters, the system automatically senses the owner's information and confirms the automatic unlock after it is unmistakable. The door is automatically opened and intelligent linked, and the elevator is waiting for the owner to return. After entering the elevator, the system automatically induces the owner's information and the elevator reaches the owner's floor. Is it not wonderful to use manual card printing all the time?
God technology has not only entered the age of scientific and intelligent human settlements, but many houses have also introduced a number of scientific and technological systems to improve the quality of intelligent life. In addition to the emancipation of the ID card, there are a number of God technology implants. These include face recognition systems that we can see in many blockbusters, which have been widely used in mobile devices. Nowadays, the technology charm of face recognition can also be seen in the process of returning home. The owner captured the face information through the face recognition system, and quickly compared the captured face information with the face photo template that was recorded in the system database. If matched with authorized users, the comparison is successful, and the system opens the door command. This way, even if the owner does not carry the RFID identification card, he can also brush his face home.
Ten God's future life is in front of us
At the same time, a "visitor two-dimensional code" system is also designed. When visitors are not allowed to come downstairs to receive visitors in person, they can send two-dimensional code pictures to visitors to unlock visitors. System synchronization will record the location of visitors being invited, and for the sake of community safety, the two-dimensional code is set to be timeliness and avoid using the same two-dimensional code for many times. After the guests enter the community, there are the "electronic navigation" system to guide the visitor route. Under the premise of retaining the traditional plan, the navigation system records the main route, the branch line and the greening belt in the community. It can plan the route for visitors in detail, so that the visitors can get one eye, short time and short route. Efficient and quick. In addition, the door intelligent lock, ground storehouse lighting induction and intelligent monitoring and control system, intelligent smoke system, park SOS emergency call system, public area USB charging interface, these God technology.