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Food traceability, breaking the last kilometre obstacle

Time:2018-06-26 / Popularity:

All countries in the world have taken various control measures to solve the problem of food safety. Since 1980s, China has also made a variety of exploration and practice in the field of food safety control.
However, because of the difficulty and complexity of food safety problems, the improvement of food safety quality is not satisfactory. The food safety problem of "from farmland to table" is also depended on more systematic control mode.
In recent years, the state government has promulgated the opinions on accelerating the construction of the traceability system of important products by the general office of the State Council, the opinion on accelerating the construction of the traceability system for the quality and safety of agricultural products by the Ministry of agriculture, the management method of pesticide management license, and the office of the Ministry of Commerce of the Ministry of Commerce of the Ministry of Commerce on the development of the system. The notice of construction of supply chain system and other documents.
What signals do these series of documents give to agricultural products enterprises and producers?
From the above documents, we can learn that the state attaches great importance to the problem of food safety and the quality of agricultural products, and strives to ensure the safety of food from every link. From the agricultural products traceability, to agricultural traceability, and then to the supply chain system construction, relying on the promotion of policies.
Why is there a unique "identity card" for agricultural products? Food traceability is the trend of the times.
Through the establishment of "identity card" for agricultural products and the mechanism of "traceability of origin" of agricultural products, it will effectively improve the attention of the producers of agricultural products to the whole process of product production, and then ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products from the source.
Food is the food of the people. The quality of food and agricultural products is related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. Whether the retroactive system is perfect or not is of great importance to the physical fitness of the whole name. Eich production packaging and coding management system and the Eli code on the platform, which covers the quality of product traceability, anti counterfeiting and anti channeling, and combined with the powerful data processing ability, help you to build a perfect whole process quality supervision platform.
This method breaks the barrier of "the last kilometer" of the high quality agricultural products to the public table, and realizes the direct docking of "from the farmers to the consumers" and "from the field to the table". Finally, it provides the consumers with fresh, safe and healthy ecological agricultural products.
Finally, no matter the agricultural production enterprises or the agricultural products service platform, only in compliance with the national policy and advocacy, from the perspective of the broad consumer and social problems, to solve practical problems, can we get a more long-term development.