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The opening of the first "ETC without Sensual Payment" pa

Time:2018-06-05 / Popularity:


On the same day, the first case in the province was "ETC &;; No sense of payment "parking lot settled in JiNan remote wall International Airport. "ETC &;; After the no-pay lane was opened, the vehicle's appearance time was shortened to one second. Compared with traditional cash payment vehicles, the vehicle's appearance speed increased by at least eight times.
According to the introduction, "ETC &;; The no-sense payment parking lot is provided by Shandong Expressway Group to provide a comprehensive payment solution. Through the superposition of two advanced toll technologies, ETC and no-sense payment, the unmanned parking lot in and out of the lane can be realized, and the parking lot operation costs can be minimized to the greatest extent. Among them, vehicles equipped with expressway ETC can be used directly; "No Sensibility Payment" can be opened through multiple channels such as the "E High Speed" client, "E High Speed" WeChat Public Number and Alipay City Service.According to reports, users who use "no sense payment" do not need to install any equipment. They only need to bind license plates and payment channels to quickly pass the expressway and open a parking lot for "no sense payment" business. At present, Shandong High Speed Group has completed 113 in the province. 464 lane upgrades.
In the next step, Shandong Expressway will open up advanced and convenient payment products on the expressway to social parking lots, fully exporting ETC, non-sensory payment, and self-service long-distance scanning and other capabilities, so that more car owners can enjoy the convenience and speed brought about by technological upgrades.