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The Powerful "Perspective" Function of Smart Drug Packagi

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The "horizontal indicator" is operated by a small electronic paper display and electronic control(button).
Intelligent interactive packaging helps improve patient compliance and makes medication more accessible to patients or laboratory users.
The Powerful "Perspective" Function of Smart Drug Packaging
You may ask: Is there enough liquid in the bottle? Or is it time to ask for a new prescription?
This is an innovative folding carton solution, especially for liquid drugs.
You don't need to remove the bottle from the package to find the horizontal line of the remaining liquid.
The small electronic paper display shows whether this horizontal line is sufficient. If not, it will alert the patient to deal with the new prescription in time.
The device consists of a tablet electronic device and has a single chip microcomputer, a miniature battery and a adhesive electronic paper display.
It can be easily integrated into a drug package and does not significantly increase the size of the box.In addition to the "level indicator," there are "counting devices," "tablet counting kits," and "medical prescriptions," which not only calculate tablets, but also remind patients to take them on time and use specially developed applications. Prescription can be sent to the package via Bluetooth.
With the development of the concept of smart packaging solutions, the "level indicator" meets the growing digital demand in the electronic health market and the interest in interactive packaging solutions.