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Ma On Shan City Citizen Card takes the "Internet +" Expre

Time:2018-05-15 / Popularity:

The first is to implement the city application card. Ma On Shan City Citizen Card supports the city's public transport card, public bicycle rental, medical registration, scenic tour, cultural hall visit, book free borrowing, parking payment and other functions, one card for multiple use, combined with elderly card, student card, teacher card, Ma Gang card. Since the issuance of the card in September 2017, more than 130,000 cards have been issued, more than 16 million tourist cards have been opened, and 3.9 million buses have been swiped. By the end of 2018, the city's citizens will have a "manpower card."
The second is to realize a travel card from other places. The Maanshan Citizen Card successfully applied to the Ministry of Communications for a card key to achieve public transport connectivity with more than 200 cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, etc.. At the same time, the citizen card has been connected with Nanjing in buses, subways, ferries, and taxis. Public bicycles, trams and other fields achieve interoperability, Citizens swiped 4,000 times in different places.
Third, the realization of public data card. The establishment of a user information base with the ID card number as the only identifier, relying on the city's large data center, to achieve the basic database interface with the public security, education and other departments, through data comparison, through the examination and approval of 210,000 card information, to ensure the true and effective data.
The fourth is to realize the convenience of people to pay a card. At present, the citizen card company is accelerating its cooperation with Minsheng Bank to develop a citizen card with financial functions. It plans to complete the opening of the citizen card financial function at the end of May. At that time, the citizen card will achieve commercial shopping, living payment, hotel accommodation, medical settlement and other payment functions.