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Domestic advanced electronic marking device for the city und

Time:2018-05-14 / Popularity:

With the modernization and intellectualization of urban development, underground pipelines have increasingly become the "blood vessels" that connect the lifeblood of cities. Wang Xu, the designer of 203 hardware products, told reporters that as a covert project, the maintenance and repair of underground pipelines is very troublesome. Due to changes in landforms and changes in ground markers, it is difficult to find all the specific locations of pipelines according to previous construction drawings before construction. This brings many difficulties and risks to the pipeline maintenance and construction. Equipping the underground pipeline with an electronic marking device means that they can not speak and they also have an easily identifiable "identity card."
Liu Wei, head of the 203 smart pipeline network project, said that due to the fixed position of the electronic marking device and the pipeline, almost with the changes of the landscape, the electronic marking device detector was used to find the location of the electronic marking device, and the corresponding pipeline could be found. Through the radio frequency communication identification chip, it is possible to obtain a unique identification code for the pipeline, which stores relevant information about the pipeline, including material, type, ownership unit, and laying age.
The "humble" electronic marking device can be buried underground with municipal construction, or it can be added and installed above the pipeline that has been completed, and it will not destroy the basic conditions of the road surface. "It is passive, pollution-free, and has a long operating time. It can know the distribution of underground pipelines. It not only avoids the construction of large projects, but also improves the use and maintenance efficiency of underground pipelines. "Liu Wei said.
It is reported that through the construction of an electronic marking system, the accuracy of underground pipeline data can be increased to more than 96 %, the excavation accident rate can be reduced by 45 % to 50 %, and the surface area of excavation for pipeline maintenance and maintenance can be reduced by 60 % to 65 %; Through the construction of the entire pipeline supervision system, the monitoring rate of underground pipelines has reached 100 %. At present, 203 have accumulated hundreds of thousands of electronic marking devices for users in various industries in China. They have been applied to Suzhou Taihu New City, Beijing Future Science City and other projects. Users cover more than 20 provinces and cities across the country.