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Qingdao Southern District kitchen trash can also has "ID ca

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It is well known that as one of the contents of urban household waste management, kitchen waste has an increasing impact on the urban economy, social and ecological environment and the normal life of residents. For a long time, in many areas of China, folk cooking waste has been used to feed pigs and other livestock and poultry. However, due to its vulnerability to corruption and the fact that it may contain a variety of chemical pollutants and pathogenic microorganisms, it is directly used as feed without scientific treatment and may not only endanger animal health. It can also cause great harm to human health through the food chain. In recent years, there have been frequent incidents of gutter oil. In order to make huge profits, some illegal traders extracted gutter oil from kitchen waste, and then returned to the dining table and food industry through illegal channels. It also brought serious food safety risks to the people

The intelligent collection and transportation of kitchen waste is precisely for the purpose of strictly investigating the source of waste oil and promoting the harmless treatment of kitchen waste. Qingdao municipal Southern District customizes "identity card" for each kitchen trash can, installs smart chip on the outside of the trash can, records the location of the delivery point, the kitchen garbage production unit and other information, and realizes the informatization of the kitchen garbage management. "Through the docking of garbage chips and kitchen garbage truck sensors and data reading, it can be determined whether the garbage of the restaurant merchant was shipped on that day. At the same time, it can also prevent the disposal of kitchen garbage from the merchant from being unknown, which is conducive to cutting off the black profit chain for the recycling of waste oil., From the source of effective supervision and standardization of the kitchen garbage collection and transportation process. "The head of the business section of the city's Southern sanitation cleaning company, Guojianhui, said:" At present, we are conducting trials on Minjiang Road and Yunxiao Road. We have invested about 100 smart trash cans in 50 hotels and are expected to be promoted in the region in May. ".
It is reported that automatic reading cards, weighing, in-vehicle printers, video surveillance and GPS positioning systems have been installed on the kitchen garbage collection vehicles, and automatic identification of vehicle-mounted intelligent management equipment to match the information of special garbage bins(such as unit names, shipping addresses, etc.). The weight of the kitchen garbage is automatically weighed and uploaded data, classified and summarized, generated reports, and the car printer prints back the order sheet. The unit that produces the kitchen garbage confirms the daily collection volume. The supervision platform can monitor the "every move" of the vehicle throughout the entire process, and it has also made comprehensive controls on whether to receive and transport on time, whether to collect and transport according to the route, and whether or not the receiving and shipping process is standardized, which has greatly improved the efficiency of transportation.