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How magical would smart tires with RFID modules be?

Time:2018-06-27 / Popularity:

1. The concept of intelligent tires:
A smart tire is a chip with a RFID module in an ordinary tire, or the chip is connected to a tire. This chip automatically controls the temperature and pressure of the tire. The main purpose is to keep the tire in the best condition in different circumstances, so that it can reduce the driving time. All accidents can also reduce the extra consumption of tire tyres.
2. The installation position of the internal chip of the tire:
Because the outer side of the tire is to be on the ground, it is generally put into the inner of the tire. In the interior, two chips are generally placed, one is not replaceable, and the other can be implanted directly into the tires, the other can be replaced, and the chip will be inlaid in the inner of the tire.
RFID intelligent tire
3. The production and working principle of intelligent tires
The inside of the tire is equipped with RFID module, and the manufacturer will write some basic data to the tire when it is produced, such as the serial number of the tire production, the date of production, the code name of the production and so on, and write the car logo number in the car when it produces the tires. In the case of tire production, it is almost the same. As for the principle of work, it is the same as ordinary RFID product reading and writing technology, and there may be some difference in reading distance or RFID tag material.
4. The use and trend of intelligent tires
In fact, RFID smart tires are used in the earliest time of motor racing. In addition to Goodyear, Michelin, Kumho wheel, Bridgestone, Pirelli and other tire enterprises, some Asian countries such as India and * * * are actively introducing RFID technology from abroad for tire inventory, maintenance, burglar theft and product recall. In 2015, the UAE standard measurement bureau also said that all car tires on the UAE market should be equipped with RFID electronic identification stickers. The United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil and other countries are also actively promoting the use of RFID tires.
Then, in the future, smart tyres will have another qualitative development.