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The importance of anti counterfeiting labels for commodities

Time:2018-06-09 / Popularity:

One, what is the selling point of anti-counterfeit labels?
1, the consumer is easy to identify and query, the consumer does not need to learn special identification skills, only the WeChat sweep, the telephone query or send short information, can easily inquire the authenticity of the goods, very convenient.
2, uniqueness, through the anti-counterfeit system gives each product a unique anti-counterfeit encoding and identification on the anti-counterfeit label products or packaging, as every individual anti-counterfeit labels have the only identity card, the product can be counterfeit copy but the code is the only one.
3, low cost, two-dimensional code anti-counterfeit label is very simple, only need our common adhesive, copperplate and laser anti-counterfeit labels on the QR bar code grade can be added, the cost is very little.
4, the timeliness of the counterfeiting of each digital in each of the system certification, the anti-counterfeit labels are recorded by the system related information, including time, authentication, etc. According to the number of inquiries of a certain commodity anti-counterfeit digital, and the source of inquiry, it can judge the true and false of the goods, can judge the areas where the counterfeit goods are, and can provide accurate clues to the law enforcement departments in time, and the accurate and timely anti counterfeiters anti counterfeiting labels. QR code anti-counterfeiting is convenient, and can greatly improve the interaction between enterprises and consumers, enhance the visibility and credibility of enterprises.
5, the unity of management, this anti-counterfeit logo can be used in any kind of commodity to use the network throughout the country to establish a national fake anti-counterfeit network at any time monitoring, unified management
6, the use of disposable products, each product anti-counterfeit label false logo in general circumstances, can only be used once. Once used, scraping the coating or uncovering the surface, the anti-counterfeit mark can be obviously destroyed, so that it is different from other anti counterfeit marks that are not used. The authorized special products or valuables can be handled by the technology of the system service center. After the first inquiry, the legitimate owner can enjoy the anti counterfeiting label right many times.
Two, the anti-counterfeiting label provides a protective umbrella for the product to safeguard the interests of consumers and enterprises.
1, anti-counterfeit label adaptive anti-counterfeit label suitable for the application of various products, such as cosmetics, health products, drugs, electronic appliances, wine, tea, daily necessities, fast drink, clothing tag and other industries.
2, the stability of anti-counterfeiting labels under the normal operation conditions, the anti-counterfeiting label security identification features can continue to adhere to the shortest time. For example, fluorescent ink and temperature change ink have attenuation period.
3, anti-counterfeiting labels, one product, one code, one object, one code, identity uniqueness, anti-counterfeiting labels, security identification features are unique and non replicability. For example, digital anti-counterfeiting, to make a product's anti-counterfeiting mark an ID code, each anti-counterfeit logo can only be used once, can not be used.
4, anti-counterfeiting labels forgery to identify authenticity, avoid counterfeiting the function of durability and reliability. The intensity of anti-counterfeiting is composed of 4 elements, namely, the number of identification features, the number of exclusive technology, the difficulty of copying and the size of copy cost. The emergence of anti-counterfeit labels, making less and less false, shattered the ambitions of the illegal elements and the development of science and technology, made the cost of the illegal elements greatly improved, making them profitable without profit.