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With the car connected, the electronic license plate is unst

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These electronic license plates will be sold for $699, which does not include installation costs, and users will need to pay about $7 per month to allow installation on the back of the vehicle. From a price point of view, it may not be cheap for the majority of drivers. These electronic license plates are equipped with their own computer chips, batteries, and wireless communication systems. If DMV allows, drivers can even display their own personal information.
Electronic license plates are essentially used as a symbol for distinguishing vehicle information, using new technologies to enrich vehicle information on the carrier, and then using large data analysis to reasonably plan these information. This is the order of urban management and traffic. The meaning of wisdom travel is very important. With the arrival of the 5G network, the concept of car networking has also become more and more complete. It seems that the vision of the future will become a reality.The foreign California electronic license plate is a display screen that can change the content of the display, but it needs to be regulated by DMV. Some companies even plan to use them as small billboards to promote their products when their vehicles stop at the stop, and they are doing their best.
Born out of the Internet of Things, the China Internet of Things School Enterprise Alliance is defined as a huge interactive network composed of information such as vehicle location, speed, and route. The four key elements of car networking are actually very clear: cars, roads, clouds, and people. In the car network, the information of these four elements will be brought together, and after detailed analysis, they can be effectively regulated, not only as a guarantee for the construction of macro-intelligent cities, but also as a shortcut to improve the quality of personal travel.
1. The simplest understanding of what an electronic license plate is is that this is the vehicle's "second-generation ID card." Its technical term is the electronic logo of a car is a card similar to our personal ID card. And the chip on this card contains information about the vehicle, including the car's license plate number, the type of vehicle used, and the color of the car body. This means that the electronic license plate stores unique information about the car.
2. We can collect and write data on the electronic license plate of a motor vehicle for the purpose of comprehensive traffic management. At the same time, it is also possible to cooperate with public security patrols, parking lots, refueling and other units, as well as bank cards, credit cards, and online payment tools to provide electronic law enforcement, non-stop charges, smart parking, and smart car washing. That is to say, all vehicles are "connected" by electronic license plates to form various "Windows" of intelligent traffic.3. The purpose of promoting electronic license plates is to prevent electronic license plates from being like people's ID cards. A license plate can only correspond to one car so that lawbreakers do not have the opportunity to cut corners; Identifying illegal vehicles and vehicles on the road will quickly(less than 0.1 seconds) identify vehicle information to facilitate the traffic department to trace illegal elements; Effective Monitoring and Prevention of Congestion For some first-tier cities, real-time monitoring of key road sections using electronic license plates can also be effectively handled by traffic control departments that encounter congested road sections.