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Mobile payments have become mainstream, and smart banking ha

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In March, Virgin Creative, China's largest supplier of ATM image innovation and safety protection products, announced its earnings forecast: It is expected to achieve a net profit of 3 million yuan to 3.9 million yuan, down as much as 88.57 % to 91.21 % from a year ago.
Mobile payments have become mainstream, and smart banking has emerged.
ATM business has fallen sharply due to the impact of mobile payments
Not only that, but companies involved in cash use, such as ATMs, the construction of cash kiosks, and cash couriers, have all experienced varying degrees of decline under the rapid impact of mobile payments.
The reason for the decline is obviously that mobile payment methods such as Alipay and WeChat have greatly reduced the use of cash and people use ATMs less frequently. Of the 324 cities in China with more than 6,500 residents, 84 percent said they carried no cash with them, according to the 2017 SmartLife Index.
Mobile payments have become mainstream, and smart banking has emerged.
Mobile consumption and mobile finance are developing rapidly
After Taiwanese scholars lived in the Mainland, they also stated that mobile payment is very convenient. In a restaurant, a good meal can be paid for on a sweeper's POS machine with a brush. At the supermarket, the payment code is also shown on the sweeper gun of the cash register, and the payment can be completed.
From 2013 to 2016, 97 billion mobile payments were handled by non-bank payment agencies, according to the China Alimony Clearing Association. In 2016, Chinese consumers spent a total of 5.5 trillion US dollars through mobile payment platforms.
However, he pointed out that mobile payments are not only developed because of its convenience, but also because of the small denomination of coins in the Mainland and the prevalence of defaced and counterfeit banknotes. Mobile payments have made up for these deficiencies in these areas, so they have benefited from widespread popularity in China.
The completeness of this statement remains to be evaluated. But another industry hit by mobile payments is probably the thief industry.
Mobile payments to secure funds

Mobile payments indirectly play a role in preventing traditional theft, robbery, robbery and other multiple sexual assault property crimes, allowing thieves to "lose their jobs."
For security reasons, many restaurant retailers use smart cash registers and smart POS machines that support mobile payments. The TPS 900 also has the second-generation identity card identification and fingerprint identification function certified by the Ministry of Public Security, and the funds are safer.
With the diversification of payment methods, technology and security have become key factors in the development of Smart Finance 3.0. The manufacturer's smart POS machine integrates IC card card, credit card, NFC, and two-dimensional code payment technology with innovative R&D technology and rich application scene support. Add the identity check in the fund payment, achieve the high safety factor which is rare in the industry