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Subsidiary companies:

Guangdong INMIGA smart card technology Co,; Ltd : financial OTP card, social security card, dual interface cards, RF card, TI, NXP card, IC card, ID card, dual-band cards, special cards, glue cards, key chain cards, electronic public votes
Soft micro-IOT (Shenzhen) Co,; Ltd : mainly for RFID intelligent reading devices research and development, production, and quantum limit, cloud computing information networking solutions with RFID;
Shenzhen INMIGA RFID Tag Co,; Ltd : RFID label, Inlay, NFC tag, RFID label documents, labels for gas cylinders, tires, cable tie label, glass tube implanted chip, animal leg, ear tag, book labels, RFID wristbands, wash-mark labels, metal labels, fragile, tamper active labels, asset tags, labels


International Alliance Internet and cloud computing research
Quantum limit Evaluation Center
Core journals of China of the Internet of things technology editorial unit