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Welcome to the INMIGA people magazine, meanwhile, hope the journals can increase your understanding of the INMIGA, build a bridge for communication between you and the INMIGA company. About this journal, and whether you have any ideas, or is it a little joy and moved, please email us freely. We will take full account of your comments and suggestions, and selected parts of letters in the journal content.
Thank you very much for your interest and support, periodical email:
From the editor
Quality--quality = quality +
Special quality
--Feeling quality (part one)
--Feeling quality (part two)
--Quality is the lifeline
New voice ·
-Success is not waiting, I will act now
--Harvest heart
British Dominican culture
--Li Liqin: love and responsibility to lead more beautiful future
--Sincerely, let us reach a consensus
Jour Q about
--The first bucket of gold-----keep a Jour Q "friends from Afar"
Market express
--English mega debut Korea love RFID library run the automation project of Sichuan University
Travel and life
--Love me
British mega-home
--First quarter review and quality improvement Conference was held
--Ministry of electronic information, Deputy Inspector, Ms Guan Baiyu visits British mega
--English mega company held a responsibility system and the system sort out project launch meeting
--English mega Conference on sales incentives in the second quarter held joy