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The year 2016
In June, Guangdong dairy glass tubes implanted chip pilot project
In April, the British mega-Ministry of agriculture and the establishment of pilot project applications;
In March, the British mega-brand redesign upgrade, repositioned brand, build an RFID industry standards world brand
In February, the British mega-SMT production line installation is complete, the RFID industry is second to none with independent manufacturers of SMT package
The year 2015
• In December INMIGA the establishment of the Shenzhen financial IC card three RFID tags and SMT, Dongguan production base
In September, the British mega-involved in the establishment of origin of green agriculture in Qinghai platform project
• Established in September of soft micro-technology (Shenzhen) company limited
In May, the Ministry of public security asset management project card trial
• Introduced in March United States micro-chip packaging equipment, becoming China's first fully automatic, high efficiency, high level of glass tubes implanted chip packaging production line
• In February to participate in the Hong Kong International Electronics exhibition
The year 2014
• Association was established in October Beijing China's Internet data limited
In August, the British mega-shares of Henan jianye Shing network technology limited
• May TBC quantum limit Evaluation Center established
In April, the British mega project for national security to "RFID electronic party syndrome"
In March, the British mega-bid the Bureau of Lanzhou, Wenzhou, e, wisdom, peace, green city, Qinghai and other six provinces of Hainan, Smart City project
In January, the British mega-write RFID tire tag international breakthrough
• In January, United States CES international electronics exhibition
The year 2013
In November, the British mega-RFID electronic tags bid "traceability system of mutton sheep in Inner Mongolia", "milk powder into the pharmacy system of Commerce", "constant M1 card" and many other projects
In September, the British mega-launch with sensing capabilities of RFID electronic tags
In August, developed flexible RFID anti-metal label and production
In May, the British mega-RFID electronic tags to maintain the internationally renowned clothing washing mark company first 3.5 million order
In March, the British mega electroplating silver antenna RFID electronic label debut success
In February, the British mega food RFID traceability cable tie tags to boost the country's food safety project
• In January won the International Association of Internet of things technology "RFID special tag top brand"
The year 2012
In June, the British mega-partnership with the South Midlands English Medical Center provides UHF/LF smart card with dual-frequency
• In March, "the Guangdong RFID industry annual top ten brands"
In March, set up Shenzhen mega electronic labels Ltd
The year 2011
In December, topped the Forbes ' "best non-listed enterprises in China" lists the 163th
In May, "four in one" management system successfully passed external audit certification. Include ISO9001:2008 quality management system, environmental management system, QC080000 harmful substance process management system, OHSAS18001:2007 occupational health and safety management system certification.
In April, was named "NXP2010 partner of the year"
• Established in March the British mega-RFID project in Dongguan, planned construction area of 189639.88 square meters.
The year 2010
• Successfully held in December the first staff talent contest
• July, participated in the Korea charity run RFID library automation project of Sichuan University
• In May approved by the Shenzhen entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, become "Shenzhen enterprises first export industrial products."
• May set up Shenzhen mega smart technologies limited
• In February was rated "RFID industry famous brand"
The year 2009
In December, products are exported to more than 110 countries and regions
In November, China Internet Association
In October, was rated "high-tech enterprise in Hong Kong"
In August, won the "Internet technology" magazine partner
• March through national CCC certification
• January passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification
• January: "RFID industry export enterprise" award
The year 2008
October 5-10-month strategic planning consulting project
• Successfully held in August staff sports meeting
The year 2007
• In November, was awarded China's Electronics Industry Association Executive Director of qualifications
In September, won the "2007 top ten network business in China" and the "2007 China's top foreign trade operators" title
• In June, "the Canton fair import and export high quality China supplier"
The year 2006
In December, products are sold worldwide in more than 40 countries and regions
• In August, received the first patent
• In February, consignor or consignee of the customs import and export cargo customs registration certificate, with independent import and export rights.
In January, some products have passed CE, RoHS certification
The year 2005
• In May INMIGA in Shenzhen branch operations