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Bole giant British mega sincerely welcome people and enterprises compose beautiful music!
British mega enterprise culture "four standards":
First criterion: honest hard work is the first requirement
Second criterion: both ability and political integrity, to Germany for the first, more team spirit
The third standard: customers first, integrity, discipline, innovation
Criterion IV: the insight is a happy love life, work, influential and interpersonal skills, people who can receive
British mega enterprise culture "first class":
Weak anthropic principle (the Weak anthropic principle (WAP)): Physics and Cosmology of all observations are not equally likely they prefer that there should be a carbon-based life forms to evolve regional and the universe should be old enough to do this condition as defined by values.
Strong anthropic principle (Strong anthropic principle (SAP)): the universe must have allowed some stages in their life to the development of those properties.
Final anthropic principle (Final anthropic principle (FAP)): contain intelligent information processing will occur in the universe, and, once there it will never perish.
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