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       INMIGA is a company focused on the Internet industry in product development, production, sales and provide "comprehensive, high quality, personalized" Internet, cloud computing, pervasive data, quantum confinement, 3D printing and intelligent machines, O2O/cloud client architecture and other information services as one integrated company.
       Headquartered in Hong Kong, establish networking and cloud computing research expert research station, the quantum of the League limit information platform and user experience and evaluations of research stations and data service centres; and to establish production in Shenzhen financial OTP smart card, RFID tags encapsulate and SMT hardware production of three major production bases.
       Products are exported to Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Oceania more than 110 countries, over more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions in China. Company passed the quality management system, environmental management system certification. Products through the CE, RoHS, FCC, UL, EMC certification.
       INMIGA Enterprise:
       Soft micro-IOT (Shenzhen) company limited, mainly for RFID intelligent reading devices research and development, production, and the quantum limit, cloud computing information networking solutions with RFID;
       Guangdong British mega-smart card technology Ltd, mainly produces financial OTP card, social security card, dual interface card, RF card, TI, NXP card, IC card, ID card, dual frequency card, straight cards, glue cards, key chains, electronic public votes;
       Shenzhen British meters added electronic label limited, main production RFID label, and Inlay, and NFC label, and RFID documents, and gas bottle label, and tire label, and tied with label, and glass tube implanted type chip, and animal feet ring, and electronic ear standard, and books label, and RFID wrist with, and wash mark label, and anti-metal label, and easy broken label, and anti-split notes, and assets label, and has source label,.
       INMIGA Alliance:
       International Alliance Internet and cloud computing research
       Quantum limit Evaluation Center
       Core journals of China of the Internet of things technology editorial unit
       In the pursuit of dreams on the road, the INMIGA people are sparing no effort to build a mega Chinese brands in the world.