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INMIGA focus on Internet strategy to achieve better Internet world, RFID technology, basic engineering, architecture, standards, and continues to invest in product development direction, and is committed to using the wider, more intelligent, more performance, more reliable "zero" waiting for the pipeline, creating a better experience for the user.
British mega-in future-oriented basic research and innovation continued to increase investment, in hot or new areas of RFID has achieved fruitful results, using innovative breakthrough technology to drive the industry development and business success.
Through 6, 3 joint innovations by Institute/Center within of innovative cooperation on a global scale by sharing the insights on RFID technology development, promote technological progress in building the Internet of things to the world.
British mega RFID standards and industry as an important contributor, active traction industry, big cakes, hand in hand to build win-win industry chain and ecosystem.
As of December 31, 2015, the INMIGA joined the more than more than 300 standard organization/Alliance/open source community, held more than 280 important positions.
INMIGA more than 10% each year the sales revenue into research and development.
British mega currently invests about 10-15 market new products, the company mainly scientific, standardized, professional and innovative way to engage in core RFID product research and development and the provision of high quality information technology Internet solutions services. Meanwhile, some European and American countries a stringent certification requirements, the developed products meet quality standards, with stable and reliable quality by testing of the market and customers.
Development process is as follows:
Market research/customer demand þ þ feasibility study group was formed þ þ design þ þ proofing output into the development sample inspection/assessment þ þ produces þ products performance test finds qualified þ into volume production